New ‘Mood Indigo’ Trailer Further Opens Michel Gondry’s Fantastical World

Written by on March 12, 2013 

Despite the factor of “knowing what you’re getting” surely being applicable to Michel Gondry‘s upcoming Mood Indigo, the first preview managed to avoid spilling too many of the creative beans. (Instead, we got pretty images somewhat hurt by that awful song which has already started to fade from airwaves.) And while it’d be nice to go in having seen almost nothing else, in that way simply allowing for the totality of his next vision wash over us, the companies have got a movie to sell. Onward with a more revealing trailer do we then proceed.

This next piece, though sans subtitles, is further reassurance that Gondry could see a creative resurgence following years of staggering about which, supposedly, have continued by the just-released The We and the I. This is said prematurely, yes, but his second 2013 feature appears to pack both that rare kind of eccentricity (read: tolerable) and a cast who, damn it, will charm you if it is wanted or not. Something could always end up derailing Mood Indigo as a whole, given some of the director’s recent track record, but, for now, it all looks so lovely.

Watch the trailer below (via ThePlaylist):


“In a world where you can travel around on a pink cloud or literally be swept off an ice-skating rink into a hole, Colin (Romain Duris), a wealthy young man and inventor of the cocktail-mixing piano, wants to fall in love.  With the help of his cook Nicolas (Omar Sy) and best friend Chick (Gad Elmaleh), he meets Chloe (Audrey Tautou), the incarnation of a Duke Ellington tune.  But soon after their wedding, Chloe falls ill.  She has a water lily growing in her chest.  Ruined by medical expenses, Colin resorts to increasingly desperate methods to save his beloved’s life…”

Starring Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris, Gad Elmaleh, and Omar Sy, Mood Indigo will open on April 24th in France. The film is currently without a U.S. release date.

How does your anticipation of Gondry’s next work change with this preview?

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