Nacho Vigalondo’s ‘Extraterrestrial’ Spanish-Language Trailer

Written by on September 9, 2011 

After making one of the most entertaining time travel films ever with Timecrimes, Nacho Vigalondo is back with Extraterrestrial. As you probably picked up from the helmer and title, this is both his return to sci-fi and attempt at a new genre conceit. Some images and posters have been cropping up over the past year or so, and an appearance at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival has led to us receiving our first trailer.

Those hoping to get a true look at the movie might be a little disappointed, as this isn’t subtitled. Although much of what needs to be known is communicated visually, it’s still odd to watch footage from a movie and not know what any of the dialogue actually means. (The lengthy plot description on the TIFF website tells you what you need to know, if that counts for anything.)

The up side to this is the fact that the trailer doesn’t show all that much to begin with; most of the big surprises are being saved for the final result, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, really, Timecrimes is all the reason I need to be excited for Extraterrestrial, so any preview probably won’t make me any more willing to check it out.

Watch the preview below, thanks to ElCultural (via /Film):


Strangers Julio (Julián Villagrán) and Julia (Michelle Jenner) wake up beside one another in Julia’s apartment, groggy, hun­gover and unsure how they met. Julia is about to send Julio on his way when both notice the uncanny silence gripping Julia’s downtown neighbourhood. Looking out the window, they see Madrid’s skyline dot­ted with enormous spaceships. The only other person left in the building is Julia’s fawning and somewhat creepy neighbour, Ángel (Carlos Areces), who explains that there’s been an exodus of people flee­ing the city. When Julia’s boyfriend Tipo (Miguel Noguera) shows up — having now shifted into survivalist mode — the dynam­ics between the four reach heady extremes. Attempting to hide their apparent one-night stand, Julia and Julio convince Tipo that Ángel is an alien and must be ejected.

As the narrative unfolds, the spaceships maintain their immobile, sphinx-like pres­ence. The only television station still on the air reports that there are similar space-crafts stationed in cities around the world; none have made any attempts at contact.

Meanwhile, as the claustrophobic atmo­sphere in the apartment increases, decisions are made about who stays, who goes and who gets the girl.

Were you a fan of Timecrimes? Does this trailer indicate that Extraterrestrial lives up to Vigalondo’s past work?

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