Keanu Reeves Returns for Lots and Lots of Killing In ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Trailer

Written by on October 8, 2016 


What first appeared to be a DTV actioner, aging star and all, that slipped its way into theaters ended up being the premier American action film of… this decade, perhaps? That’s a fairly low bar, yet John Wick obliterated expectations and reservations by combining careful, fluid emphasis on contact and tactility with a neatly integrated, none-too-annoying sci-fi world — at its finest moments, a bridging of the gap between Bresson and Bioshock.

So you can consider us excited for John Wick: Chapter Two, which reunites director Chad Stahelski (co-helmer David Leitch only returns as a producer), scribe Derek Kolstad, and, of course, Keanu Reeves, whose eponymous hitman here goes overseas to command the assassins group seen in the first film. (Expect a lot of action, basically.) Ahead of an early-2017 release, there’s a trailer — one I’ll avoid so as to save the movie’s surprises (or what I hope are surprises) for when I’m seated in the theater. If you’re reading this and can make that happen soon, please consider my inbox an open space.

Have a look at the preview below for the film also starring Laurence Fishburne, Common, Ian McShane, and the beloved Peter Stormare:


John Wick: Chapter Two opens on February 10.

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