‘It’s a Disaster’ Trailer – David Cross and Julia Stiles Face the End at the World’s Worst Brunch

Written by on February 18, 2013 

With the apocalypse being so hot right now, filmmakers are in a frenzy to capitalize on the doomsday craze. From Hollywood tentpoles like the summer’s upcoming World War Z and This is the End to smaller dramas like Melancholia and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, there’s been a wide range of projects taking on a variety of different concepts and the latest comes in the form of the black comedy It’s a Disaster.

After a festival run last year, Todd Berger‘s latest film will be getting a release soon from Oscilloscope Laboratories and the first trailer has landed today. Following a group of friends, some new couples and some on the verge of divorce, who attend a brunch that soon comes with a surprise, it looks like a dry, funny effort. Check out the poster and trailer below (via /Film) for the film starring Rachel Boston, Kevin M. Brennan, David Cross, America Ferrera, Jeff Grace, Erinn Hayes, Blaise Miller, Julia Stiles, Jesse Draper, Laura Adkin and Rob McGillivray.

Eight friends meet for their monthly “couples brunch.” But what starts as an impromptu therapy session / airing of domestic grievances takes a sudden, catastrophic turn when the city falls victim to a mysterious attack. Trapped in the house and unsure of their fates, these seemingly normal people become increasingly unhinged to hilarious, surprising, and revealing results.

It’s a Disaster hits theaters on April 12th after a March 5th VOD debut.

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