‘Into the White’ Trailer – Rupert Grint Attempts Survival In Norwegian Wilderness with Nazis

Written by on January 30, 2013 

It was almost 14 months ago when we got the trailer for Into the White, a World War II thriller starring the now-grown-up Rupert Grint as a British pilot shot down over the Norwegian wilderness. Its release date for, unsurprisingly, Norway was hit not long after, but some announcement regarding its domestic opening — in fact, some announcement regarding its general status — has gone undelivered all the while.

Except for now. Magnolia Pictures have picked up Petter Næss‘ effort for a spring release, and are commemorating it with a new, rather decent trailer. Other than personal love for any good World War II story, endearing me most to what’s on display is the sense of claustrophobia, one which, even in this condensed format, had me thinking of Alfred Hitchcock‘s Lifeboat. It’s unfair to throw one of that man’s more inventive works into the same sentence as this small project, yes, but the odds of getting anything in that mold is what sells yours truly in the first place. It’ll be even better if seeing Grint play an older character stops feeling weird.

The trailer can be seen below:

Synopsis: High above the harsh Norwegian wilderness, English and German pilots shoot each other to the ground after a violent chance encounter. Isolated, they must fight to survive the brutal winter. Though war has made them enemies, antagonism is hard to maintain as days go by. Through mutual need, unlikely friendships bloom. Somehow, they become comrades. War, after all, is absurd.

Into the White will be released on VOD March 7th, followed by a limited theatrical release on April 12th.

What impressions are gleaned from the footage?

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