French Trailer for ‘The Grandmaster’ Gives Wong Kar-wai’s Film Proper Treatment

Written by on February 5, 2013 

While the cinephile world collectively awaits news on when Wong Kar-wai‘s Yip Man biopic The Grandmaster will hit theaters near them, trailers keep arriving to make our wait all the more difficult. The latest, from Allocine (via ThePlaylist), might even be the best yet: it actually has a suitable resolution for the master’s rich and deep imagery, this features some of the most stimulating footage yet, and, on the two prior counts, what we have sells his action as something altogether more coherent.

As it’s without English subtitles, I can comment on neither the story nor quality of dialogue — though neither could, reasonably, be considered two things Wong‘s struggled with for over two decades. Like everyone else with the smallest of interests, my only concern is a not-too-far-off release date. Paging Megan Ellison.

Do you remain convinced by previews that have been touting The Grandmaster?

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