Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Twixt’ Trailer

Written by on August 2, 2011 

Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt is something that we’ve covered a great deal on this site, but even things like stills don’t really tell us how this will look and feel as a film. Luckily, a trailer has arrived on TIFF’s YouTube channel (via FirstShowing), and it’s an extensive look at the director’s return to horror.

What strikes me the most about the preview is how much it truly feels like a Coppola movie. Those who have only seen The Godfather movies may not be aware of his penchant for including some stranger-than-normal touches, and the way he uses certain things — like black and white or fading — feels right at home in his filmography. And the line about writing for profit? Anybody who knows the man’s history knows how much that must mean to him. I’m not sure if that music we hear is from composer Dan Deacon, but his background in electronic music might mean that this isn’t it, although I can’t say for sure.

The only true concern that was raised here is the cheapness of everything; none of this seems to have the beautiful cinematography that was present in Youth Without Youth or Tetro. But, the truth of the matter when it comes to this movie is that the big draw is how he’s going to present it, and the way in which the audience will shape the picture as it plays. That’s what really has me excited, but, most importantly, the movie itself actually looks good.

Watch it below:

Starring Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, David Paymer, Ben Chaplin, Alden Ehrenreich, Bruce Dern, Tom Waits, Joanne Whalley, and Don Novello, Twixt will premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and is scheduled to be released later this year.

What do you think of this trailer? Are you excited for Twixt, and do you plan to see it when the director tours the film?

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