Fincher Teases ‘The Social Network’

Written by on June 26, 2010 

Facebook seems to be taking over the entire world, right? It’s in our government, it’s in our news agencies and it trickles down all the way to our mobile phones. However inevitable it was, it did seem unlikely, and even a little ridiculous, that the back-story to a 26-year-old’s unbelievably successful social networking website would make an interesting and viable film. Deals were made, contracts were signed and here we are with a Facebook movie right around the corner. Not only a Facebook movie, but a Facebook movie with David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin involved and with the doubts on success replaced by interest in possibilities.

The first glimpse and teaser into the world of The Social Network has been released. Check it out below.

Pushing “teaser” to its limits, the trailer has nothing but large bold words flashed across the screen and dramatic dialogue in the background. Is this a movie about a website where I can shamelessly hit on girls I haven’t talked to since high school or a movie about an international spy ring? The trailer basically has one message: shut up, sit back and get ready for the show.

It has a slight tone that it will make fun of itself a little, which completely conflicts with the tone of the trailer. An example is when Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, says very dramatically with ominous loud tones ringing in the background like a cheesy murder mystery detective show, “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.”

The ultimate tone of the film is yet to be seen, but Fincher has successfully conveyed enough style, confusion and intrigue into a true teaser trailer of only 1 minute and 11 seconds that you want to see this movie even if you don’t know why.  You have an urge to find out more. Just like you have an urge to login to Facebook 50 times a day. Is the story of a global networking enterprise helmed by a kid really that interesting? Of the small group of people that could make this story interesting, Fincher is a member, and this release date is going on my calendar.

The Social Network is set to be released on October 1st, 2010.

They didn’t have Mr. Zuckerberg’s full attention, but does Mr. Zuckerberg have yours?

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