Festival Darling ‘Brooklyn Brothers’ Gets Theatrical Trailer

Written by on August 21, 2012 

The creative commodity of the promotional trailer has both significantly helped and significantly hurt the independently-financed film in this digital age. If your cheapy film looks like it has been cheaply made, a cheaply cut trailer can damage any ambitions for notice past festival screenings, even if said film has been picked up for distribution. Bad digital lensing makes even the most handsome star look silly, especially on a 13-inch MacBook.

On the other hand, the ability to get your trailer on a trailer-aggregating site, like Apple‘s, can do wonders if your little movie looks as delightful (and well-made) as Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best, starring Ryan O’Nan and Michael Weston. The film was also written and directed by O’Nan.

Distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories, Brooklyn Brothers concerns recently heartbroken Alex (O’Nan), who gathers an eccentric musician named Jim (Weston) to form a new band. The duo hits the road, lying to venue after venue about their musical prowess.

Watch below:

Weston, a character actor who has yet to break out the way who should have, looks to be the true draw here, while female lead Arielle Kebbel, who’s poised to arrive thanks to this film and the upcoming indie film Supporting Characters, which she lights up as a lovely, slightly broken actress.

Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best hits theaters September 21st, arrives on VOD on September 25th.

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