Eddie Murphy’s ‘A Thousand Words’ Gets A Trailer A Thousand Years After It Was Shot

Written by on November 10, 2011 

As though officially shutting the door on the comeback that never was, Eddie Murphy, a week after his potential blockbuster Tower Heist busted at the box office and a day after he stepped away from his Oscar-hosting duties only a day after Brett Ratner, his Tower Heist and Oscar producer, resigned from the his own Academy duties, the trailer for the long, long, long, long gestating (this thing was shot sometime around 2008) high-concept comedy A Thousand Words has finally appeared.

And it appears to fall in line with the last decade Murphy’s film choices.The film, directed by Brian Robbins (who took on one of Murphy’s most recent debacles, Meet Dave), concerns fast-talking businessman Jack McCall, who lies to the wrong offensively-stereotypical holy man (played here by the-much-better-than-this Cliff Curtis). Now, thanks to the powers of Curtis’s mysteriously powerful non-white character, Jack only has a thousand words left to speak before he dies!

Check it out below [via Yahoo]:

A Thousand Words hits theaters on March 23rd.

What are the chances this movie will mark Eddie Murphy’s much-needed comeback?

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