‘Darling Companion’ Trailer – Diane Keaton Loses Her Dog, Vows Revenge

Written by on January 23, 2012 

It somehow snuck by me that Lawrence Kasdan had a new movie coming, but, hey, there are worse ways to find out than seeing a trailer. Said trailer happens to be for Darling Companion, a Diane Keaton-starrer about looking for a lost dog — at least, that’s the most I could make of it. You can’t fully understand without actually watching it, but this is the sort of preview that makes me wonder if my internet connection was merely skipping throughout at its own free will. Just in terms of mood, the order goes something like: comedic, dramatic, comedic, mystical?, ribald, comedic, dramatic, folksy, what.

And then, when you get down to actual events, there’s a part where Richard Jenkins is blatantly dubbed, Kevin Kline barks at rams, something happens to Dianne Wiest that I never wanted to see happen to Dianne Wiest, jokes about broken bones are made, and we hear a title song that made me squint like Josh Hartnett trying to emote. The movie doesn’t look very good, but this trailer is, in all the wrong ways, sort of amazing.

Watch it below (via Yahoo):

Synopsis: Beth saves a bedraggled lost dog from the side of the freeway on a wintry day in Denver. Struggling with her distracted, self-involved husband Joseph and an empty nest at home, Beth forms a special bond with the rescued animal. When Joseph loses the dog after a wedding at their vacation home in the Rockies, the distraught Beth enlists the help of the few remaining guests and a mysterious young woman in a frantic search. Each member of the search party is affected by the adventure, which takes them in unexpected directions — comic, harrowing, sometimes deeply emotional and ultimately towards love.

Also starring Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, and Sam Shepard, Darling Companion opens sometime this year.

Are you also confused here?

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