‘Comes a Bright Day’ Trailer – Craig Roberts and Imogen Poots Get Held Up

Written by on July 9, 2012 

Craig Roberts led one of my favorite movies from last year (Submarine), so the guy’s got my trust for another couple of movies. Up next is Comes a Bright Day, a romantic drama of sorts seemingly wrapped around a heist movie; Imogen Poots (Fright Night), Timothy Spall (Harry Potter), and Kevin McKidd (Brave) also star for debut writer-director Simon Aboud.

The thing’s been getting a couple of positive notes right before it hits the U.K, and I can see why; what’s here looks good. A (possibly) smaller-than-necessary appearance and a terrible final line notwithstanding, I can go with the flow of Day‘s directorial style, performances, and general atmosphere. (It’s also fun to pretend Oliver Tate traveled to the present day and is working in a hotel.) No stateside release has been set right now but, in good time, I’m sure us Americans will get to see what all the fuss is about.

Watch the trailer below (via /Film):

Here’s a lengthy synopsis (via QuietEarth):

SAM SMITH (Craig Roberts) is twenty, bright, ambitious and not unattractive; so earning minimum wage as a bellboy at a 5* luxury hotel isn’t where he wants to be; running a restaurant with his best friend ELLIOT is. He has the people skills, the business plan and the best young chef around, but with a chronic fear of rejection, he lacks those vital investors to make the dream a reality.

MARY BRIGHT (Imogen Poots) is as radiantly beautiful as the jewellery she sells in Clara, London’s most discerning jewellers. Butl ooks aren’t everything. For Mary life is about so much more than material wealth and she’s ready to turn her back on London and escape to the other side of the world.

When Sam meets Mary in the café where Elliot works he is very quickly and very truly smitten. Every other plan and thought goes out of the window as he fights to overcome his fear of rejection and follows Mary back to Clara with the intention of asking her out on a date. Unbeknown to Sam, armed thieves CAMERON (KevinMcKidd) and CLEGG (Josef Altin) also have an appointment at Clara and aren’t planning on leaving without the million pound Stahl Papillon brooch. With the panic button pressed and armed response units swarming into the area Sam, Mary and belligerent, elderly shop owner CHARLIE (Timothy Spall) are taken hostage.

Under extreme threat and with constant twists and turns, what follows puts each of the characters and their short falls under persistent examination. This is a love story that undergoes the severest trial and sacrifice. For all of them, searching for the hidden gem reveals truths that will make their lives infinitely richer.

Has this trailer created any interest in Comes a Bright Day?

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