One may question the wisdom of leaving Django Unchained for, well, anything — but when you can land Tony Danza, the questioning of said wisdom ceases almost instantaneously. As Variety reports, the titular Boss will have a nice role in Gordon-Levitt‘s currently-untitled directorial debut — we only know it as Don Jon’s Addiction — having been cast as the main character’s father, a sports enthusiasts who favors some professional competition over time with his own family. Commence your Danza impressions: now.

In the picture (also scripted by the director-star), Gordon-Levitt will play a modern Don Juan, hence the title, looking to be less concerned with himself and open up to the larger world. Scarlett Johansson figures into this by playing the main character’s girlfriend; Julianne Moore, meanwhile, was recently cast as his new mentor. A nice collection of onscreen talent, wouldn’t you say? It’d be a real corker if our lead’s learned a thing or two over the years and impressed behind the camera, too.

Shooting will kick off next month, putting Don Jon’s Addiction somewhere on the 2013 release schedule. Don’t ask me where, please.

What do you think Danza will add to Gordon-Levitt’s debut? Is the film shaping up nicely, in your opinion?

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