A recent story at Variety — which also brought news of a potential starring role for Jake Gyllenhaal — tells us that there’s a new project being offered to Tom Hanks. According to them, producers Kevin Walsh and Brad Preston want the actor to star in Patriot Down, an action thriller penned by Steven Spielberg‘s frequent second assistant director, Ian Stone.

The script envisions a scenario in which “Air Force One gets shot down over Pakistan and the president finds himself on the run.” Sounds very simple, though making a definitive judgement on a story from a mere blurb is a fool’s errand. Hanks, however, is already a safe bet — because he’s, well, Tom Hanks. The man’s one of our last movie stars (discounting Larry Crowne), which, therefore, makes him one of the few reasonable choices to play the President. All that matters right now is a screenplay worthy of his leading man capabilities.

There’s a minor update on a project we actually know Hanks will star in, A Captain’s Duty. Nola tells us that the Paul Greengrass-directed film — which tells the true story of Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama, which was hijacked by Somali pirates in early 2009 — will commence filming on February 13th, ending sometime in May. Not much, but it’s nice to get some further confirmation on when Greengrass will roll cameras again. Let’s just say that, post-Green Zone, I need a new film of his more than I sometimes realize.

Would Patriot Down be a good starring role for Hanks? Does this revelation about A Captain’s Duty excite you?

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