With his time as the leading man of the Mission: Impossible series coming to an end with this December’s improbably-titled Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise has just signed on to something that could show us a different side of the actor. ScreenRant tells us that during last night’s red carpet event for the Academy Awards, the director of the upcoming film adaptation of Rock of Ages, Adam Shankman, revealed that the oft-rumored actor is officially signed on to the movie.

His role is that of Stacee Jaxx, described as “an aging, arrogant rock ‘n’ roll god,” and it would have him in a major part for the movie. The story has a politician and land developers plan to destroy a famed club called The Bourbon Room. The character of Jaxx is the head of a recently-disbanded group called Arsenal, and the club’s owner wants them to perform to generate money and interest, thus saving the club.

The role of the club’s owner, Dennis Dupree, has been rumored to be Alec Baldwin for a little while now, and the man running the place, Lonny, is a role that’s been rumored for Russell Brand. Anne Hathaway has also been talked about as a love interest for Drew Bowie (clever naming), the story’s lead. However, when you think about the movie’s May start date and how that conflicts with the start date for The Dark Knight Rises, you might doubt that she’ll be joining the cast. Not that the current one is bad, and I do like the idea of Cruise having some more fun in the latter half of his career, but it would have been nice to also get her in this. Then again, when you have to choose between working with Adam Shankman or Christopher Nolan

What do you think of Cruise joining Rock of Ages? Do the other rumored stars seem like good fits?

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