No matter the fact that 30 Rock‘s corpse is still warm and snarky at the moment, Tina Fey is wasting little (if any) time filling her schedule with features. We’ll see her make a coming out of sorts, next month, with Paul Weitz‘s Admission, on its own not a bad way to pull that off — the movie’s got Paul Rudd, after all — and an even bigger opportunity comes from The Muppets… Again!, which speaks for itself. Even then? You’re sure to have Ricky Gervais and Kermit hogging most of the screentime.

So, finally, she has a strict leading role coming up. According to Deadline, Fey has been making a deal to headline Universal’s The Nest, a comedy also circled by Pitch Perfect helmer Jason Moore; the actress will also be producing via her company, Little Stranger Inc. As written by Paula Pell, the movie is a comedy of sibling love and rivalry centered on two sisters (placed somewhere in their ’30s) who arrive at their parents’ home together, only to find that its been sold off. Presented with no other real option, the pair of women “spend a last wild weekend together, bonding and feuding and finally growing up.”

As a premise — something which is often hard to judge a comedy by, anyway — I’m fairly content with the sound of The Nest. Like most others who read about this project, though, it’s Fey‘s presence — as an actor and, furthermore, someone who clearly sees it as good enough to produce — that makes any sort of difference. I don’t know if it’s really big enough, to be honest, unless they just get on with it and sign Amy Poehler as the second sister. Then we’ll be put in place.

Do Fey and Moore add anything to potential prospects of The Nest?

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