With a stunning trailer and enthusiastic responses to go along with it, I’ve got very little doubt The Master won’t be terrific. (Probably one of the year’s best, even.) Despite those high expectations — or, heck, maybe even on account of them — it’s hard to digest a second poster from The Weinstein Company, what with its kaleidoscopic, blue-tinged, and slightly blurry design sticking out like a religious dissident.

I like to believe this has a strong thematic connection to the main story — much like their gorgeous one-sheet — but I can’t think of any reason why they didn’t just stick with that, other than “nobody famous has their face on it.” (Speaking of any connections: This makes The Master look like a story of three high society folks who take a drug-fueled trip into the unknown.) But if it gets people to see a (roughly) two-and-a-half-hour drama that’s already earned comparisons to Malick and von Trier, so be it.

You can see the poster below (via Yahoo!):

The Master opens on September 14th.

How does this poster compare to the first? Do you wish they had only stuck with that?

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