What’s the analogy here? You have Veena Sud — the woman behind AMC’s blindingly stupid and infuriatingly bad The Killing — being hired by a major studio to remake something by Alfred Hitchcock, a man whose body of work spits in the face of the kind of half baked junk she’s made her name on.

So… what’s the analogy here?

I can’t think of one at the moment — though I’m still far more clever than people who write for The Killing — and it might be due to the fact that I’m completely nonplussed by this news from Variety. According to them, she will indeed take on one of the Master’s works — a lesser-known effort that goes by the name of Suspicion. Paramount and Montecito Pictures have hired Sud to write and direct the picture, in a deal made just a couple of days after Steven Knight and DreamWorks got into cahoots over a Rebecca update. (Side note: I hope this isn’t a new trend.)

Like the Laurence Olivier-starrer, Suspicion found root in a novel, one by Francis IIles entitled Before the Act, which centered on “a dowdy young woman (Joan Fontaine, in an Oscar-winning turn) marrying an irresponsible charmer (Cary Grant) despite the strong disapproval of her wealthy father — and then beginning to suspect that her husband plans to kill her.” There’s no word if, like the Rebecca “remake,” they’ll go back to the original source material; it’s become such a prevalent creative choice as of late that I wouldn’t think twice about it. Unlike the actual hiring.

Maybe I’m being unfair to Sud here. I mean, the first couple of Killing episodes were good; she was working from a pre-existing source (that she could’ve changed); films are a separate beast from TV; working with good material never huts; and it could be interesting to see her get behind the camera and flex some visual muscle.

But then you remember that she approved, sometimes made red herring after red herring, blunt dialogue, asinine twists that had no precursor (or, let alone) reason for existing, and one of the worst season finales I’ve seen in my entire life. Jesus, how did she get this job?

What are your thoughts on the original Suspicion? Have you seen The Killing? Are you also confused about this hiring?

(This is like Lana Del Rey being hired to record a cover of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. There you go.)

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