With his second feature, The Color Wheel, writer-director Alex Ross Perry threw his hat into that ever-evolving ring of modern independent American filmmakers, exciting critics and its small audience with a dual knack for biting dialogue and grainy, black-and-white cinematography. Amidst a landscape filled with behind-the-head tracking shots and an intentional, tired sense of false “roughness” lining visual design, many also took it as something more important: a breath of fresh air.

With that, a follow-up to Wheel and 2009’s little-seen Impolex has been on people’s minds. Luckily, at the bottom of an IndieWIRE article — itself mainly a reveal his new HBO series, The TraditionsPerry announced several details regarding the next feature. Titled Listen Up Philip, it’s a New York City-set comedy which he, almost contradictorily, describes as the story of “changing seasons and changing attitudes and people going up and coming down the chain of success and all the bumps and miseries that you hit on the way down and up.” On producing duties are three men behind the acclaimed Sundance picture Ain’t Them Bodies Sundance: Toby Halbrooks, James Johnston, and helmer David Lowery, this trio hoping to get production off the ground by summer. (Casting-wise, Perry‘s only ambition concerns landing “the sort of people that make you care about a movie before you see it.”)

The description’s too brief to say this with any kind of certainty — so, for the sake of all, I won’t — but, from what’s at least been noted, one gets the impression of a feature with more scale than was required of The Color Wheel. The circumstances of which, really, make Alex Ross Perry‘s continued devotion to the 16mm format all the more commendable; expanded outward even just a little bit, and the usage could be something to really, truly take note of.

Does this news of Perry’s next outing leave you intrigued?

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