Strange as it may seem, not only will we be getting a new Terrence Malick movie next year, but he’s already shooting another one. The newer film, described only as a “romantic drama”, is in the middle of production. Small tidbits are being learned by citizens of Osage, Oklahoma, where shooting is being conducted right now. A recent one told us that Barry Pepper was joining the already great cast as a priest, a role that Javier Bardem is apparently also playing.

The latest piece is fairly small, but has value. In addition to reports of a restaurant set being constructed from a pre-existing building where Pepper and Bardem were shooting a scene sitting at a table dressed as priests, we’ve also gotten set photos. While they may just look like set photos, there’s something pretty neat contained in them. What I found the most eye-catching was that not only does it have stars Ben Affleck and Barry Pepper in them, but they have Terrence Malick, known to be something of a recluse, standing around and clearly visible. So, if you find this kind of thing interesting, take a look at the photo above and check out the full picture at the OsageNews (via ThePlaylist). Surely, there will be more to come in the future, but for now this is the latest tiny but intriguing item.

What do you think of seeing Malick in the middle of making a film? Are you excited for what he has next?

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