Another week, another batch of pictures from the Knight of Cups set. This time out, JustJared (via ThePlaylist) have collected some pictures of Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) frolicking with Wes Bentley, Isabel Lucas, and, briefly, Christian Bale.

What are they doing? Again (and again, and again), I haven’t the slightest idea, nor do I expect any proper context while things are still in the production phase. These have, basically, always been small, fun peeks at one of the very most promising films of [insert unknown year this will be released here]. But, for those who’d like a little more, it’s worth repeating that the tarot card after which the film is named represents “a moodshift or a change of mode particularly pertaining to love and relationships.” Knowing that, this long line of attractive actresses taking a little trip down the sandy shores might add up to something — or we can just look forward to the “it doesn’t make sense” crowd coming out again in a few years.

Take a look at the shots above and below:

Update: Photos removed at the request of the producers.

Could Palmer add anything strong to Knight of Cups? Are you, like me, hoping an offer to run on the beach with Christian Bale comes in soon?

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