The heavy hitters are either in their new homes or just about to cross the finish line, for IFC are coming out of Sundance as holders of the acclaimed crime drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. Even you, a reader who didn’t bother traveling to the festival, have heard of this one by now: it stars Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Ben Foster, and Nate Parker, off the top (you’re already interested), there are certain comparisons to that Texas-based filmmaker — which we, we were wise not to just dispense at first glance, thank you very kindly — and it’s got Sundance’s annual requisite out-of-nowhere title.

Above all else, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is supposed to be an assured debut for David Lowery, and it’s because of what’s been said (in such a short span of time) that distributors wanted to get their mitts on the picture. For IFC, the purchase came down to a deal somewhere in the “low seven-figures,” a number which I have zero authority to speculate on. ($4,532,927.) Coming away from this one with some sour grapes are Sony Pictures Classics, Magnolia, Roadside Attractions, and Picturehouse; knowing what I know about Saints — okay, not much, but stop with the nitpicking, please — Sony were probably the only other company into whose wheelhouse this really fit.

IFC, in the meantime, should do this one right. The only suitable request? Don’t make me wait ten months for this one, because they were smart enough to get one of the few Sundance titles I’ll keep an active watch on.

Are you hoping to check out Saints? Are IFC a proper place for the picture?

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