The past trilogy of Bourne movies had some great actors outside of star Matt Damon — people like Chris Cooper, Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Clive Owen, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, and Scott Glenn — but they were almost always about Damon, when all was said and done. I love the guy, so it’s not really a complaint, but I bring up to point out that the series reboot, The Bourne Legacy, might be going in a different direction in more ways than one.

With Deadline reporting that Oscar Isaac is taking the role of “Number 3, another brainwashed assassin,” which is said to be a major role, I’m getting the feeling that this is more of an ensemble than previous Robert Ludlum adaptations; more on that in a second. The Sucker Punch and Drive actor was one of the most likely candidates for the lead role before it went to Jeremy Renner, and is even said to have been writer and director Tony Gilroy‘s first choice for the character. This would almost appear to be consolation on Universal’s part to him for not allowing Isaac to be cast in the lead. At least, that’s what an outsider like myself is speculating. He’s a good addition to an already stellar cast, as I thought his turn in Sucker Punch was actually one of the best things about that film — I think seeing him play a brainwashed assassin should be pretty interesting.

Now, for what I was getting at earlier: The reveal that a major actor like Edward Norton would be playing the villain, along with Rachel Weisz being announced as the female lead — and with this news added on — makes it seem like the amnesiac spy won’t be the only character worth paying attention to. You don’t cast those first two in parts and just have them go to the side (and that’s clearly not what they have planned), as previous Bourne movies kind of did. And they certainly didn’t put a big focus on the other spies, but read the character details above. Similar to Bond 23 and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, they seem to be going for a spy movie where other characters actually have a real impact on the plot, and I think that’s fantastic. The Bourne Legacy is looking better and better as the days go by, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The Bourne Legacy hits theaters summer 2012.

What do you think of Isaac joining the movie? Do you also feel like they’re taking a different route with this reboot, when it comes to supporting characters?

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