Leave it to Steven Soderbergh to defy expectations once again. If the story coming from THR is correct, then it seems like the Oscar winner will be setting his sights on the TV-to-movie adaptation of popular series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which will be scripted by his Informant! and Contagion screenwriter Scott Z. Burns. Warner Brothers is distributing and while no release date has been set, the director’s fast production rate tells me it’ll be out within the next two years or so. Just a guess.

Originally set for Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin from a script by Max Bornestein, that project fell through and Dobkin is now acting as producer for the film. The thing about this that has me most intrigued is what direction Soderbergh will be taking it, considering that his movies range from bizarre comedies (Schizopolis) to heavy historical dramas (Che), and often his other works have a mix of the serious and comical, like Bubble or The Limey. Considering that the original show is described as an action comedy, it could fall in line with his movies mentioned above.

And as a side note, this, Haywire and Contagion make three action movies that the usually dialogue-heavy filmmaker has made in a row. This seems like an odd trend for him, and I wonder what has led to it occurring in the first place. Either way, we’ll be getting more Soderbergh, and that’s not something to complain about.

What do you think of this? Is Soderbergh a choice for this movie that you like?

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