Perhaps it’s only fitting that a filmmaker who jumps from genre to genre at lightning speeds can’t figure out where to take his career.

Since we first heard that Steven Soderbergh would be retiring, the man himself has basically confirmed his intentions to leave the world of directing to start a career as a painter. But then he said that he wasn’t. And then he said that he was.

The BBC is now reporting (Jesus Christ, make up your mind) that while he will be taking a break of sorts from his current career, he isn’t done making films. Feeling a “need to recalibrate,” which will allow him to “discover something new,” he somewhat morosely said that he’s “out of ways of telling art.” Soderbergh seems to hope that painting will give him some more energy. I could see that; taking a break from a profession could remind you why you loved it in the first place. He still has a few films left to make — Magic Mike, Liberace, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. — and after that, his break might last “as long as five years.” Considering the rate at which he works, this could deprive us of about six or seven features from him. That’s a shame.

Look, I have a great amount of respect for most of the man’s work, but he should just stop with the constant back and forth. Most of us want him to keep making films, and it’s good to hear that he doesn’t have only three left. But, please, for the sake of everyone: stop giving quotes.

Are you frustrated by Soderbergh’s indecisiveness over retiring?

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