There isn’t a wealth of information to be found herein, but the possibilities are no less major. According to ShowBiz411, the legendary Stanley Donen — of Singin’ in the Rain, Charade, Damn Yankees!, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and On the Town fame — is looking to tackle at least one more project, having penned a script alongside his partner, Elaine May (herself no less a significant figure in film comedy), that will mark a first directorial effort since the 1999 TV production Love Letters, and come nearly thirty since his prior theatrical outing, Blame It on Rio. Expected to produce is none other than Mike Nichols.

The “very wry” work (apologies for their vague description, all) sounds to have strands of his best-known picture’s DNA, being the story of a film production that encounters troubles along its path to completion. (Notice of musical numbers isn’t provided, however.) It gets better: at an investor-oriented meeting held in recent weeks, the material was performed by Christopher Walken, Jeannie Berlin (her connection to the project speaks for itself; no less lovely, still), Charles Grodin, and Ron Rifkin, along with a select group of NYU acting majors; none of the above are necessarily confirmed cast members — this is seemingly impossible when a go-ahead has yet to be provided — yet the indication, such as it exists, would entice to almost dizzying degrees.

Gods of film financing — can someone get Megan Ellison on the line? — please allow this to fall together. I shudder to think of any project with this sort of caliber that goes unfilmed.

What do you make of Donen and May’s potential new project, based only on this slightly scant information?

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