Michael Mann is back in the news, and we couldn’t be happier. A high-profile cyber attack thriller has been stocking up as shooting readies for the next month, and, in the meantime, he’s resurrecting an old project to tackle soon afterward — exactly the kind of movement fans have been pining for these past few years.

However, there was a period where Mann pushed forward on a few titles before moving on, repeating the process once more and driving us faithful a little crazy. One of these was Gold, a prospecting tale that Paul Haggis (Crash) had brought to the director’s intention; as written on spec by John Zinman and Patrick Massett (Friday Night Lights, Tomb Raider), the fact-based movie, set in the ’90s, follows the Bre-X Minerals scandal, in which “a rough-around-the-edges prospector who stumbles onto one of the largest gold mines in the world.” Right from the outset, you can sense some themes that befit his interests: finance, possession, obsessions that fall therein, etc.

This was not meant to be. Instead, TheWrap have learned — more than two years after the project was last noted on this site — that it’s falling into the lap of Spike Lee, who’s continuing post-production work on Oldboy. Black Bear Pictures‘ website listing his name under the director slot might seem slightly ephemeral, but TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider has, via independent sources, managed to confirm that Gold is coming down the line. (One imagines that his 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks will be involved, should the production go forward.) If a lead actor can be snagged in due time, Black Bear and Haggis’ Hwy 61 hope that shooting begins this fall.

Until then, Lee will see Oldboy released on October 11.

Does this sound like a fair trade on Gold? What are your thoughts on the project as a whole?

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