Since its incendiary, decidedly mixed reception at Sundance back in January, I’ve sort of been dying to see The Comedy. In Rick Alverson’s improvised drama, Tim Heidecker (he of Tim & Eric fame) takes on a role described by some as the real-life version of his comedic persona: evil, selfish, and willing to make a joke at anyone’s expense. It might anger you, or it might have you coming out with the “m” word on your mind.

Following a clip which dropped in mid-May, we’re now being treated to the first trailer. It’s quite sparse, visually-speaking, very quiet, and tells you next-to-nothing about what’s in store for the full experience, yet I laughed a lot.  It’s all a matter of taste, obviously, so much of this reaction depends on me finding Heidecker to be a funny presence — even if he’s only sitting around while his friend makes the most pathetic attempts to hit a golf ball. But knowing that the film is more of this, I can’t wait for it to come my way.

Watch below (via Vulture):

The Comedy will open in limited release and on VOD this fall.

Bare as it is, are you attracted by this first preview?

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