Losing your lead actress is, well, not good, but Evil Dead has (somewhat) healed this blow by nabbing a lead actor. According to Variety, Red Riding Hood star (and Edward Cullen runner-up) Shiloh Fernandez has come on board the controversial, highly-debated remake of Sam Raimi‘s low-budget horror masterpiece.

But he won’t be replacing Bruce Campbell — heck, he’s not even the hero. That distinction would go to the recently-vacated female role, “Mia, a drug-addicted young woman who heads to a remote cabin in some deeply sinister woods to detox with the help of her brother and three friends.” So, if I were to guess — and I am one to do so — the “highly sought-after” part snatched up by Fernandez is the brother, though it’s (again) a guess. I’ve got no idea what Fede Alvarez and Diablo Cody have cooked up for this new take on cabin terror, but I can’t wait to find out.

Variety also mentions that Fernandez has been cast in Deep Powder, an independent feature from writer and director Mo Ogrodnik. Any sort of logline isn’t being supplied, but shooting begins at the end of this month, with Killer Films producing.

What do you make of Fernandez as an Evil Dead lead?

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