Update: According to Black, it’s more of a sequel. Read the original story below.

It really was not so long ago when Robert Rodriguez and Fox attempted to revive the Predator franchise with — and the “s” is crucial! — Predators, but the most it seemed to have accomplish was instill a desire to revisit the John McTiernan classic. Seemingly understanding this while, still, needing a franchise to earn money with, the studio have elected to go back — and, interestingly enough, with the original’s most memorable star.

No, not Schwarzenegger. No, not Carl Weathers. No, not Jesse Ventura, No, not —

Okay, maybe the point is being overstated, but writer-director Shane Blackwhose lines are something I still quote regularly — has found a new helming effort in what, tentatively, is only known as Predator. He’ll be outlining a project that, then, will receive fuller scripting duties from his Monster Squad co-scribe, Fred Dekker; all else is remaining quiet, though his busy schedule might push to this side. While I’m often willing to see a new project from Black, the early prospect of something along the lines of, say, The Nice Guys speaks more strongly than rebooting a deader-than-dead sci-fi franchise, no matter how much interest his creative input does add. Otherwise, any and all speculation will have to wait.

Does Black’s involvement add any interest to the prospect of a new Predator?

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