I have a strange sense of concern about Shailene Woodley. Not personally, mind you: we’ve never met, I know nothing of her personal life, and even discounting the fact that she probably isn’t reading this — unless I’m wrong, in which case: hi — yours truly should, in the meantime, acknowledge an awareness of how well-off she must be. Nevertheless, there’s the feeling that a few post-Descendants choices haven’t been up to snuff with what that whole “post-” tag would (or should) indicate in the first place. To lead the next Gregg Araki movie or take part in the well-received Spectacular Now are nice career turns, but does that outweigh The Amazing Spider-Man 2 / 3 and a young adult franchise? No mater how easy it really is to just assume those won’t hit it out of the park…

So, count me pleased with a tip to the right side of the scale. The people at Hypable have learned Woodley “is being considered” to lead The Fault in Our Stars, Fox 2000’s year-in-development adaptation of John Green‘s novel — news which is only compounded by the actress having recently retweeted the author’s own proclamation of pending news. When you put two and two together in this sort of instance, one can see traces of a development. It sure isn’t difficult to piece together.

By leading the picture, audiences would see her take up the part of Hazel, described last February as “a terminally ill 16-year-old with thyroid cancer who joins a support group for cancer patients, where she meets a handsome teen, and the two help one other grapple with their respective illnesses.” It’s got the heavy sort of angle I fear those big projects will be missing, and, better yet, would be a balance of drama and comedy that played to her advantage in The Descendants and (from what I’ve read) The Spectacular Now. All of which would only make it more disappointing if the reporting on this is off, but let’s not be such pessimists.

What are your feelings on Woodley taking this project?

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