The buddy cop comedy — among the finest of all subgenres, if you ask me — got a big shot in the arm last weekend and, this being Hollywood we’re talking about, proper note has been taken. With this, Variety reports that Seth Rogen and comedian Kevin Hart are lining up for Paramount’s untitled take, which has been sold on a pitch from Rodney Rothman.

The only substantial, plot-based thing to note would be a logline that reads as “the first interracial police pairing in law enforcement history.” (Alternate universe, maybe?) I don’t think I need to lay out some of the more obvious jokes that could stem from this scenario, so, needless to say — I hope they don’t take the easy route. Both men are too funny to be wasted on that kind of lame material, anyway.

But there must be something good here, seeing as everyone’s pulling double duty on the project. Rothman is producing through his company, Viking Funeral; Rogen and Evan Goldberg will do so with their Point Grey Pictures; and Hart is executive producing by way of his Hartbeat Productions. I’ll take that for whatever it could end up being worth.

Would a comedy starring Rogen and Hart hold any interest for yourself?

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