When one stops watching Family Guy because their 16-year-old sensibilities find the show too immature and repetitive, chances are you don’t want to see a movie hit. But I don’t work for 20th Century Fox or advise Seth MacFarlane (though I’d take both offers in a second), nor are financial opportunities afforded by the project worth ignoring. So, here it goes.

In an press conference chronicled by EW, MacFarlane — ostensibly talking about those Oscar hosting duties which keep slipping my mind — let slip that a Family Guy film is, technically, already happening; the full initiation is “just a matter of when.” While those hoping for some kind of production announcement will be disappointed, know that a storyline is not only set in place, but also something that, on its own, answers his big question about taking it elsewhere: “what is the reason for the movie?” Having found his way, it turns out the plan is “something that would be impossible to do on TV.” (This could have been the thinking behind Ted, too, for all we know.)

Even the dissident — one whose curiosity is often a detriment to normal existence, admittedly — pines to hear just a little more. That’s not coming, however, and probably won’t before it’s officially set to go. I’d normally say something in the vein of “further apologies to the Family Guy faithful,” but anyone who’s been watching since the beginning will be fine; they’ve already been through more trouble than not knowing a plot outline.

Is a Family Guy movie worth taking notice of?

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