Because you can never hand Seth Gordon quite enough projects, Variety tells us the Horrible Bosses helmer — who recently fell into the sequel — is now an executive producer on the video game-inspired Pixels; along with producing through Happy Madison, Adam Sandler is looking to make this a starring role.

So it’s fitting that he would tap his Just Go with It writer, Tim Dowling, to give Tim Herlihy‘s script a good old fashioned polish. Along with, thank God, changing the Sandler-like screenplay template, the scribe is expected to make Pixels a tentpole that’s both in the vein of Ghostbusters and a more viable directing option for Gordon. Yes, he’s circling yet another project.

Pixels is based on the short film by Patrick Jean, in which 8-bit video game creatures enter the real world and cause unsettlingly fun havoc. (Which is to say, I felt a little bad about enjoying the sight of a collapsing taxi when I know, deep down, that someone probably died.) It’s a brief, cute little piece of effects-driven filmmaking, and it’s these kinds of descriptors — along with, I’ll freely admit, Sandler‘s input — that has me a bit uneasy about the prospect of Pixels as a whole. I think it goes without saying: Combining a shaky subject for a feature film with the star’s own comedic sensibilities might be a recipe for problems, Gordon‘s reliable name notwithstanding.

Watch the short below:

Is Pixels the right short to translate into a feature? Can Gordon turn it into a proper film?

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