Superhero casting, how much fun it all is. One of the current selection processes is for Guardians of the Galaxy, a James Gunn-helmed Marvel picture trying to pin down its central lead — and this choice has some weight. (Or, as much weight as these things can hold. Which is to say, not a lot.) After all, this one’s expected to fit into their Avengers scheme — i.e., a Nick Fury scene at the end of the credits, some easter eggs throughout, along with a second appearance in May of 2015 — so whoever takes the lead is sticking around for some time. The pressure is on.

Last we heard, those in charge were looking at Jim Sturgess, Lee Pace, Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables) for the role of astronaut-cum-space warrior Peter Quill. Thankfully, only the first of those five — and the two best of that bunch (Edgerton and Huston) — are able to maintain their profile without doing a superhero movie. So, now, it’s down to Sturgess, Zachary Levi, as well as, in the meantime, “an unnamed third actor [who] may be tested after the holidays.”

This is not something I’m well-versed enough to speculate in, but here’s one strange element of the story: Levi is already in another Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World, and if they’re going to connect Guardians of the Galaxy with everything else in that collective universe — which, come on, why wouldn’t they? — a problem of some sort begins to arise. Not a huge problem, but at least some kind of quandary on their part. Maybe they can take a step from Sturgess‘ last movie and have his Norse warrior be reincarnated as a modern-day astronaut. (But, seriously. If you can have a lead who travels to another planet and fights some evil megalord with an alien raccoon, spirituality isn’t so hard to broach.)

No matter who gets picked, Guardians of the Galaxy will open on August 1st, 2014.

Do you have any push from or pull toward the choice for Peter Quill?

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