I sort of figured that, at some point in their careers, Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio must have crossed paths. They’re two of the most prestigious actors working today, they only pick high-profile material, and they both almost exclusively work with auteurs. So, maybe I’m alone on this, but it really feels like they should have made a film together by now. (They do share one credit on IMDb: The Assassination of Richard Nixon, which Penn starred in and DiCaprio executive produced. No, that doesn’t count.)

If Deadline is correct, Alejandro González Iñárritu will be the man to bring them together. They report that both actors have met with the Babel and Amores Perros director about The Revenant, his adaptation of Michael Punke‘s western novel for New Regency and Fox. Both the source material and the inevitable adaptation center on “an injured fur trapper who’s robbed by two men after he can’t be brought back to civilization; after being left for dead, he escapes the wilderness and goes to find revenge.” DiCaprio is being eyed for the lead character, Hugh Glass, and Penn is wanted as one of the men Glass vows revenge on.

There is a condition — should they get the two of them locked, production wouldn’t begin for another year; we can probably thank their busy schedules for that. Nevertheless, even if we don’t see this until, say, fall 2013, the combination of actors, source material, and filmmaker might be worthy of this long duration of time. In spite — or perhaps because — of the fact that I don’t like (what I’ve seen of) Iñárritu‘s films all that much, I’d like for him to branch out a bit. What I mean by that is, “don’t make an inter-connecting story with pale cinematography and sad people.” Luckily, an ass-kicking western with two stars in it should solve those blues.

How does this team of filmmaker and actors strike you?

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