Marti Noxon does great work on television. Marti Noxon‘s work in film, on the other hand, is a tiny bit problematic. It’s weird to think the very scribe who earned her bones through standout work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mad Men would yield a cinematic opposite in I Am Number Four and Fright Night — worse yet, within six months of each other — but that’s how it is. For long, though?

Some of the brass are thinking of her small box work, as ThePlaylist have learned that Noxon will join Pixar to write what, as-of-now, is an obscured film. The outfit have a fair amount of projects in their early phases, but several — such as The Good Dinosaur or Pete Docter‘s mind-based project — already have screenwriters; the only one that may be without a scribe is Lee Unkrich‘s Day of the Dead movie. Which doesn’t mean that’s the project Noxon‘s been roped into. It might not really mean anything.

Except, I guess, for a minor female gentrification that could act as a response (of sorts) to the whole fiasco involving Brave‘s co-director, Brenda Chapman. (One that saw Pixar lose a creative voice soon thereafter.) Noble as that strive may be, I only hope Noxon finally exhibits some greater talent with the superior medium.

Any thoughts on Noxon going with Pixar? Is there some hint as to what the project may be?

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