The Raid was a huge hit when it premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival as part of its Midnight Madness; are you surprised that a remake is moving along? As THR tells us, Screen Gems is currently negotiating the rights to a new version of Gareth Evans‘ Indonesian action thriller, “a move made possible” thanks to it being distributed by fellow Sony subsidiary, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions.

A big concern is the action — a.k.a. the main point of praise — which could easily be diluted when taking things to American multiplexes. Screen Gems might not screw it up, as they’re apparently aware that “the unique fighting style is one of the movie’s strengths”; we’ll see how it gets translated. They’re planning to get a director in place soon, but Evans decided not to be that man. Instead, he’s planning a sequel that should start production in February.

I’m quite interested in checking out The Raid whenever the opportunity presents itself, so you’ll have to excuse me if an American remake of a film that I haven’t even seen yet doesn’t feel like a huge concern. You can probably already guess that it won’t live up to the original; therefore, you might feel the same way.

Are you looking forward to The Raid? Does an American remake sound like a good idea?

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