Unconcerned with bearing the weight of legends on their shoulders, Variety reports that Scarlett Johansson and James D’Arcy (W.E., Cloud Atlas) will be taking on Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins, respectively, for director Sacha Gervasi‘s Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho. (Andrew Garfield is a very busy man at the moment.) And they’ll be starring alongside a couple of legends, too — Anthony Hopkins is channeling the Master of Suspense, and Helen Mirren will play his wife.

Even though the extent of a biopic’s supporting roles are sometimes hard to gauge — if only because the primary focus is always on your lead — we can take two things into account: playing Leigh “could lead to the same awards consideration for Johansson,” much in the way Michelle Williams snuck in an Oscar nomination for her work as Marilyn Monroe. Secondly, while D’Arcy won’t get as much to do as his three co-stars, Perkins is “still considered a major part” in the overall picture, what with the man’s incalculable impact on Psycho and all.

The My Week with Marilyn comparison is fitting, as Making of Psycho reportedly has echoes of last year’s biopic by only covering one specific period of the subject’s creative and personal life (oh don’t even). Scripted by John McLaughlin (Black Swan) and based on Stephen Rebello‘s book, Gervasi‘s film will attempt to shed light on the struggles faced by Hitchcock when trying to craft Psycho — an effort many saw as a waster of his time — in addition to his relationship with his spouse, Alma Reville. The specifics of all this are said to be both fascinating and insightful on the filmmaker’s creative process. Throw that together and you’ve got me; assemble this cast and I’m fully on board.

Do you think Johansson and D’Arcy will accommodate themselves in Hitchcock?

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