No one needs to tell you Sam Raimi is playing in the big fields with Oz: The Great and Powerful. Being a huge supporter means I can’t wait, slightly plastic trailers be damned; still, it’d always be nice to see the man back in horror. 2009’s Drag Me to Hell, as a matter of fact, showed that seven years of Spider-Man hadn’t erased the touch which so distinctly marked the director’s original trilogy about a brash S-Mart employee. We know he’s still got it, but the recent ventures haven’t really allowed him to delve.

That might come to an end before long, however, as STYD have him quoted as saying “I’m really excited about making another horror movie. I’m writing one with my brother right now and I’m really looking forward to it.” (Jeremy Smith tweeted that this should be after Oz.) We don’t know if that sibling is Ted or Ivan, but, given a much longer work history with the former, I think we should lean toward one over the other. I also want to see more Ted Raimi. It’s all we have on that front, sadly, so take this prospect for all its worth — and I like to think that’s quite a lot.

If The Possession isn’t your idea of a Raimi horror fix — it certainly isn’t mine — we do have next year’s Evil Dead remake to consider. I know, I know: Many see it as the wholly unnecessary treading of untouchable waters. And I more or less “get” that. But this is a series which has lacked any actual momentum for about two decades, so don’t act as though there was a ton going on here.

Despite the fact that his producer’s credit indicates financial stake, Bruce Campbell has seen the Fede Alvarez film and spilled some high praise to DigitalSpy. Along with proclaiming that the effects are better, the filmmakers are more skilled than they were at the time, and that the actors aren’t amateurs, he plans to take full responsibility alongside Raimi and Robert Tapert. Accountability sure sounds nice.

Oz: The Great and Powerful will open on March 8th, 2013, while The Evil Dead hits on April 12th, 2013.

Does Raimi need to go back into this genre? What are your thoughts on another Evil Dead?

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