Update: THR says Raimi will only produce the film, and is also helping lead the hunt for a director; his Oz collaborator, David Lindsay-Abaire, has been writing the screenplay. You can read the original story below.

MGM CEO Robert Birnbaum gave a little talk at the University of Denver a few days ago and, while this would have been along the lines of an AA meeting just two years ago, the company’s bad days fall further and further behind with each passing month — and they’ve done that by getting on the remake and sequel track. (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not a remake, by the way.)

A Reddit chat (via Movies.com), based around the conversation, brought a good deal of information on an upcoming slate that, amazingly, Poltergeist could be among the most interesting selections from. You probably forgot MGM was ever trying to bring that one back from the dead — Lord knows it slipped my mind — but our collective ears are perking up when Birnbaum invoked a name most of us associate with haunted house horror in the first place: Mr. Sam Raimi. He claims the Evil Dead mastermind has entered negotiations to helm the new take, which would, in all likelihood, make this his follow-up to next year’s Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Movies.com speculate he’d probably only end up producing the film, given his recent creative proclivities; I could go either way in this instance. He already got back to his roots in fine form with Drag Me to Hell a few years back, sure, but that doesn’t mean I want him to permanently veer away from these kinds of films, either. And how many other chances does the Poltergeist remake have of being any good?

While the talk of horror remakes was still hanging in the air, Birnbaum also elaborated on the Chloe Moretz-led update of Carrie. When asked about the ways in which this update will have more in common with Stephen King‘s novel, the highly-dreaded words “found footage” were thrown out there. Still, calm down: Carrie will probably not be found footage in its entirety, but could, instead, cinematically translate the epistolary court documents and interviews of the original book via video interviews. That’s what most people seem to think, that’s what I think, and it’s the only reasonable choice when found footage even enters the discussion.

Finally, there’s those Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequels. We all know they’re going to happen — Rooney Mara has been signed, and Steve Zaillian is now done with both screenplays — but the first film’s soft box office means MGM have “severely altered their plans,” thus possibly leading to back-to-back productions that would, somehow, lower the price of shooting and marketing. (I say “somehow,” because the financial impact of this move is lost on me.)

No word on David Fincher‘s return, even though Birnbaum and his MGM people would (obviously) like to have him around once more. With 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea currently on his ever-loaded docket, however, I’m not entirely counting on him coming back. I, somewhat reluctantly, will still be around.

Would a Raimi-directed Poltergeist remake work for you? What about a found footage-inspired update of Carrie? Do the Dragon Tattoo sequels still hold your interest?

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