For a director who churns out more projects than most in Hollywood, it’s difficult to believe Steven Soderbergh‘s final theatrical film for some time is just around the corner. After getting the trailer for Side Effects earlier this month, we’ve gotten a neat viral ad and some influences including Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski, and now Open Road has now delivered the first poster for the film.

It’s an impressive design, featuring our lead (or rather, patient) Rooney Mara and the bottom portion being a full-fledged prescription. Complete with the signature of her doctor Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), we even have an expiration (aka release) date and all the necessary details for the story that has Mara dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous drug. Check it out below thanks to Huffington Post for the film also starring Channing Tatum, Vinessa Shaw and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Side Effects arrives on February 8th.

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