Hyde Park on Hudson is going around a couple of festivals as of late, which can only mean one thing for Roger Michell: it’s time to find a new project. The word has arrived from THR, from where it’s announced that he, in two months’ time, will be shooting Le Weekend with Jim Broadbent, Jeff Goldblum, and Lindsay Duncan (Alice in Wonderland) secured for the picture’s primary roles.

The screenplay, from Hanif Kureishi — whom Michell worked with on The Mother and Venus — revolves around “a long-married British couple (Broadbent and Duncan) who revisit Paris for the first time since their honeymoon in an attempt to revitalize their marriage.” But the trip gets thrown in a whole new direction when they meet a lost friend (Goldblum), whose presence gives a window into “a new vision of what life and marriage might be.”

Romantic, scenic, and maybe a little light in the positive sense, too. That’s plenty good, though the three leads are to thank for nearly all of whatever (moderate) anticipation exists on this writer’s part; Michell is a filmmaker I’ve got no problems with and almost no notable things to say about all at once. I bet he’ll direct a very “nice” movie, which is just fine by me.

Do the specifics of Le Weekend get you paying attention?

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