Set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month in France, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, starring Russel Crowe in the title role and Cate Blanchett as Lady Marion, the anticipation for the film is slowly but surely growing. And with that anticipation there’s already talk of a sequel.

Speaking to The Times Online (via The Playlist), both director and lead actor discussed both the current project and the prospects of a sequel. The comparison that was made for this film was Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, which of course had its own very successful follow-up. Because of this, it makes sense that they would want to pursue such a project, paired up again.

Their quotes include an explanation of what they could do. Scott explains:

“It is the beginnings of how the man becomes known as Robin the Hood. You don’t really get that until the last few minutes. When you realize that ‘Ah, this is who he is.’ Let’s say we might presume there’s a sequel”

I’m also intrigued by his plot idea for a potential sequel, delving more into the traditional mythology of the character:

Honestly, I thought why not have the potential for a sequel, particularly if it is a genre that you absolutely love and has never been fully explored? If there were to be a sequel to Robin Hood, you would have a constant enemy throughout, King John, and you would follow his reign of 17 years, and the signing of Magna Carta could be Robin’s final act

I was initially displeased with the trailers for this movie, thinking that it looked like another Gladiator. While I like that film an awful lot I don’t necessarily want to see it from this pair again. But they offer up words to the contrary in the same article that are worth taking a look at, and with that out of the way I’m excited. Both have had a pretty solid history working together, and I hope that this will only continue that line of good efforts, and that it may also produce a good sequel in the process.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for Robin Hood, and if so, would you want to see a sequel?

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