Another couple of days, another couple of actors added. So it goes with Olympus Has Fallen, the Antoine Fuqua-helmed thrill ride that has, this time around, contracted the great Robert Forster (most recently seen in The Descendants) and Ashley Judd to take supporting parts. THR provides a rundown of their roles that will probably be equal to the film’s onscreen characterization: The seasoned veteran is playing a general who goes toe-to-toe with “nuke-loving [North Korean] terrorists” who’ve taken over the White House, while his new co-star is the First Lady to Aaron Eckhart‘s Commander-in-chief.

Gerard Butler will try to rescue them everyone else held hostage by Rick Yune‘s character, a “sociopathic monster” posing as a South Korean aide. Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell, and Cole Hauser also star in Olympus Has Fallen, which starts shooting sometime during the next week.

Deadline goes on to report that Nate Parker (Red Tails, Red Hook Summer) is the fourth member of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, which has already found a main trio in Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, and Ben Foster. While the actor’s role has not been stipulated, we already know enough about Saints to take a guess as to its potential quality. And the guessing is good.

David Lowery will make his debut here, the tale of an escaped convict in the ’70s (probably Affleck) who must confront a dark past in order to reunite with his wife (Mara) and daughter. It’s got a lot of energy behind it, and the great cast means Parker will need to bring something special if there’s any hope of standing out.

Finally, Variety says that Oculus — which, back at Cannes, was bought by FilmDistrict — will now star Karen Gillan, best known to sci-fi fans as Doctor Who‘s Amy Pond. In Mike Flanagan‘s picture, she’s portraying a woman who, as a child, was traumatized when her brother was accused of murdering their parents; as an adult, she’s now “determined to prove that [a] haunted mirror was responsible for destroying [her] family.”

Oculus sounds hokey, frankly — somewhere along the lines of Alexandre Aja‘s Mirrors, probably — though Gillan has earned a good amount of acclaim and attention on the BBC series to lend this project a bit of promise. If only on her account, this writer will wait to see a bit more from the project before making any judgement calls; that makes her a wise casting choice. (It also makes me stupid.)

What are these projects’ current activity communicating to you?

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