As a general rule, it’s best to withhold overt negativity toward that which we have not (for lack of some more fitting term) experienced for ourselves, no matter how any given work sounds at first blush. Bad tact, wouldn’t you say?

With that in mind, let’s take this one easily: according to THR, Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf are looking to make a father-son onscreen duo in Spy’s Kid, which the latter’s Disturbia and Eagle Eye (only the classics) director, DJ Caruso, is tapped by Paramount to helm. Potentially less of a thriller / actioner / popcorn type of deal than his prior outings, its story comes from an exposé penned by Oregonian writer Bryan Denson, that six-part series chronicling ways in which a former CIA operative manipulated his son into exchanging state secrets with the Russians. The skeleton of something already exists, so we’re off to a better-than-expected start here — including opportunities presenting itself to these actors: the man LaBeouf‘s would play, Nathan Nicholson, found himself leading a life that had, in general, been a wash, only to end up a globe hopper engaged in dangerous contacts. It already sounds meatier than what he’s done with Caruso, if nothing else.

But De Niro has, frankly, slummed it for way too long (not that this is some shattering claim), so the extent of his role is a tricky thing to comment on. As a disgraced former CIA member locked in jail, things can “be done” — if the material’s relatively correct. No screenwriter has been attached, however, and Caruso hasn’t proven himself the kind of filmmaker a performer would want as a guiding hand. As a whole, Spy’s Kid is up in the air.

From what’s been stated, how do you see this joining of actors and director panning out?

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