If you’ll recall, it was just over a year ago when anyone said… well, anything about The Irishman, a mob picture best-known as the reunion for Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel. (“Newcomer” Al Pacino has a hand in there, too.) That person was Marty himself, who told curious ears that his old man epic could, maybe even should, be up and running “in the next year or so.” Little did we know, it would take the next year or so for something else, even something of the same frustrating stripe, to arrive. But, even if this is yet another promise, it’s better than nothing.

So, the next bit stems from an interview De Niro conducted with The Guardian, wherein it’s revealed he and Scorsese are still, in loose terms, “working on” the film; right now, it is timing which holds back all the fun. But take some solace hearing that, if The Irishman is going to happen, it’s going to happen very soon, as the actor (bluntly) said all the expected players “won’t be around anymore” if an in-sight production doesn’t go forth. A little sad to think about, sure, though no less true or vital.

The film — based upon Charles Brandt‘s non-fiction book I Heard You Paint Houses, a title the actor refers to — follows Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, an ex-Mafia contract killer who, by his own account, carried out over 25 hits — including one on Jimmy Hoffa. That former part would, needless to say, be filled by De Niro, while Pacino has been up to play the long-missing crime boss for some time; Pesci and Keitel, the latter of whom is not actually mentioned here, aren’t given specific areas in this discussion. Not that, you know, more is required for sufficient interest to exist in the first place.

If Scorsese continues to put off Silence, Sinatra, and The Snowman (so much “S”), then I do think The Irishman will have his day in the sun. Call me foolish or naive all you like, but I’m willing to put that kind of trust in their hands.

It’s likely you know that, as of right now, the director is shooting The Wolf of Wall Street, his star-studded, ’80s-era tale of immoral financial decadence. (To put it more simply and cleanly.) Several set photos have already given a peek, however brief, into the world being established on-camera; a new batch show Leonardo DiCaprio, as Jordan Belfort, interacting with Joanna Lumley, she being the actress who plays Emma, the aunt of the wife of our lead character. Knowing this, the sort of contact between them (in at least one picture) is leaving me very, very uncomfortable. The life of a stockbroker!

Several are below, while the rest can be found at Zimbio:

Also starring Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, Cristin Milioti, Jean Dujardin, Kyle Chandler, Margot Robbie, Jon Bernthal, Rob Reiner, Kenneth Choi, P.J. Byrne, Ethan Suplee, Max Hoffman, Katarina Cas, and Jon Favreau, The Wolf of Wall Street is expected to hit theaters next year.

Do you like the odds on The Irishman? Are there any impressions to gather from this crop of set photos?

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