The terror and sadness of a Transformers reboot will loom over every story pertaining to Michael Bay for, give or take, the next two and a half years, but I’m oddly encouraged to know that something a little smaller (and, in all likelihood, less grating) comes before that: Pain and Gain. Almost surely the smallest film of Bay‘s entire oeuvre, the Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely-scripted picture, which follows “a group of bodybuilders who [were] engaged in a campaign of kidnapping, extortion and murder in Florida” — two roles set for a portrayal by Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg. (Even better, however, is that Ed Harris has been confirmed. Hip-hip hooray.)

Now, Variety has brought us the latest casting — and it isn’t half-bad, too. As it goes, Rob Corddry is currently negotiating to star as “John Mese, a former competitive bodybuilder who now owns the gym where Wahlberg’s character works as a personal trainer” who, thanks to some experience “as an accountant and notary makes him a valuable though unwilling member of Wahlberg’s scheme.”

If you think that none of this sounds very much like a Michael Bay film, you’d be entirely correct in his own estimation. He said as much to EW, deeming it a character piece that’s “a mixture of Fargo and Pulp Fiction.” Better yet, “No action. One car crash.” I may not (read: absolutely don’t) expect it to be in the same league as either of the 90s’ two best crime films, yet I’ll already take this over anything the guy’s made since Bad Boys II.

Variety then goes on to tell us that Mark Feuerstein is the third actor to join In Your Eyes, Joss Whedon‘s story of telepathic love, helmed by Brin Hill. The Royal Pains actor will be joining stars Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan in a role that should have more of an effect on the latter’s character, that of her “cold, controlling husband”; previous reports cited him as “an older doctor and living in Connecticut.” He should be getting underway with shooting in the very near future.

Have you kept an eye out on any of these films? Will this new casting potentially change that?

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