When it sometimes feels as if Ridley Scott can hardly focus on the film he’s currently shooting, we might consider it a real, honest-to-God feat when he’ll have at least a couple of titles charted out. After years of talking it up, a Blade Runner sequel is finally on the horizon — hard to believe, given how frequently he signs up for projects and sort of lets them fall to the side, but close (close) to confirmed by the man himself.

Scott, speaking to EW on the matter of his Matt Damon-led The Martian, said Blade Runner 2 (or whatever it’s actually called) is “[p]robably after,” production-wise. With that sci-fi picture rolling cameras in November and hitting about a year later, it’s more than conceivable that a Harrison Ford-led follow-up goes before cameras around the same time. About the perpetually non-committal potential star: in his own words, “Of course it involves Harrison.” This, of course, does not immediately signify the star having signed on, but the “damn good” script, from original co-scribe Hampton Fancher and newcomer Michael Green, has been rumored to be Deckard-centric, and such openness at this point in time is not the least bit surprising.

With The Martian, Blade Runner 2, and Prometheus 2 now “all written,” one can surmise that Ridley Scott has his next three pictures lined up. How many of them we’re excited for and which ones we’re just the least bit ambivalent about the existence of is another matter entirely.

Speaking of ambivalence, his next picture, Exodus: Gods and Kings, will open on December 12.

Do Scott’s early comments leave any impact on your anticipation for Blade Runner 2?

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