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One of the better films of recent years that you probably haven’t seen is The Comedy, a Tim Heidecker-led drama — albeit one with numerous funny moments — from writer-director Rick Alverson. His eye and ear for the strange tensions which come with an everyday interaction make for the rare narrative film that feels particularly dangerous, as if actors might break character at any moment and something terrible will happen as a result. In short, he’s exactly the kind of person who needs to be making more.

It is thus with great pleasure that I report (or, well, Deadline reports) that Alverson has begun production on Entertainment, a title which — as scripted by himself, Heidecker, and Gregg Turkington (who you might know as Neil Hamburger) — sees lattermost portray “a broken and aging comic, known only as ‘The Comedian,’ who travels across the Southwestern United States to meet his estranged daughter while attempting to revive his dwindling career.” True to the absolute despair found in his most recent title, both the desert setting and unsatisfying work weigh down The Comedian, cracking apart his identity.

While this, alone, is extremely promising, an incredible supporting cast will, too, take part: John C. Reilly, Michael Cera, Tye Sheridan, Dean Stockwell, and Angeliki Papoulia (Giorgos Lanthimos‘s The Lobster, Alps, and Dogtooth). I hate to drum up enthusiasm too early, but… could this shape up to be one of the finer pictures of 2015? If nothing else, here’s a brief idea of how well Alverson and Turkington can work together. Your reaction to that little might readily indicate whether or not Entertainment will work for you. That’s documented. That’s in Newsweek.

Nomadic Independence and Jagjaguwar are backing the title.

"Price Check" Premiere - Arrivals - 2012 Sundance Film FestivalMeanwhile, The AP (via fan site The Woody Allen Pages) have learned that the helmer’s next project has (probably, maybe) added Parker Posey. Someone, possibly an extra, tweeted about “fake drinking” with her, Allen, and co-star Emma Stone — which we’ll assume indicates acting, but as they say about assumptions…

The most that’s currently known concerns involvement from Joaquin Phoenix and Stone, production in Rhode Island, and the presence of “academics, graduate students, and middle- and working-class folks.” Indeed, that sounds like a film by Woody Allen.

Finally, The Wrap have learned that Rachel Weisz is circling a key part in The Light Between Oceans, Derek Cianfrance‘s follow-up to The Place Beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine. Previous reports have pegged Michael Fassbender for the lead, portraying “a lighthouse keeper on a remote island in Australia who with his wife rescues a baby they find in a rowboat and raise it as their own.” While Alicia Vikander is likely to fill that supporting slot, Weisz‘s involvement would see her play the child’s mother.

DreamWorks and Heyday Films will back The Light Between Oceans.

Are you intrigued by any of the titles noted above?

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